Travel Tales – Part 5

Halifax is home to many parks; The Public Gardens being among the oldest and most breath-taking in its beauty! My husband, daughter and I spent a lovely afternoon meandering the trails and admiring our surroundings within the park.


The entrance gates.

The Gardens are located within the city’s core and contain many different kinds of flowers, plants and even some wildlife. When I still lived in Halifax many moons ago, I worked in a daycare across the road from the park. On sunny days I would often take my lunch and a good book and sit for an hour enjoying the peace on one of the many benches located throughout the park.


This plaque at the entrance to the park explains its history along with a map outlining the many different gardens to be found within its gates.

The Halifax Public Gardens, as explained on the plaque in the photo above, is one of the rare surviving Victorian Gardens in Canada. It is 16 acres of stunning floral displays and tree-lined paths with a small area for lawn games, picnics and play.


This pond is located in the park’s centre and is home to swans, ducks and small fish.


A Mama duck and her babies having an afternoon nap on the banks of the pond.


Among the many floral displays, there is even a cactus garden.


One of the many beautifully manicured floral displays.

I think it is amazing that so much natural beauty can be found in the middle of a city. It is truly a treasure worth visiting should you ever find your travels taking you to Halifax, NS.

This was a day when I felt Pretty, Plus and Proud to be surrounded by so much colour, delightful floral scents and the chirp of birds in the trees. 



6 thoughts on “Travel Tales – Part 5

  1. retirizer says:

    That looks like a beautiful spot. We have a wonderful park in our city, Spokane, Washington, called Manito Park. It has a pond with ducks and geese, a Japanese garden and botanical gardens. It’s a lovely place to spend an hour or the day.


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