Travel Tales – Part 4

Thursday was girl’s day out so my sister, my daughter and I set out for an adventure. We drove along the scenic coastal road on our way to the Acadian village of West Chezzetcook where my Dad was born and raised.


The plaque explaining the Acadian history of the area.

For those of you not familiar with the term Acadian, it refers to the original French settlers of Nova Scotia who at one time in history were persecuted and driven out of their lands simply because they were French. Some of those who left settled in the US while many secretly made their way back.


The Acadian flag!

We stopped to have lunch at the Acadian House Cafe where the menu offers many traditional Acadian French recipes but also lots to choose from for the less adventurous eater. All food is home made on site in their tiny kitchen by an enthusiastic and friendly staff. Eating here is like having lunch at your Grandma’s house; cozy, warm, welcoming and delicious!


“Le Cuisine”, French for the kitchen aka The Acadian Cafe where we ate lunch.


The fabulous cooks and staff of the Acadian Cafe wearing the colours of the Acadian flag!

Surrounding the Cafe are several original Acadian homes housing antiques and artifacts donated by local families, my Dad included. The homes depict what life would have been like in the “olden days”. It is an interesting and educational place where special events like picnics, historical demonstrations and fiddling music are showcased. It’s a little out of the way treasure worth looking for! For more information on this piece of Nova Scotia history check out the website


One of the original Acadian homes now a museum housing artifacts from local Acadian families.


I love the old screen door!


The wheels of an old wagon. Notice the old lobster trap on the bottom right.

Our girl’s day adventure continued with a little thrift store shopping and finished off with a dinner date with a dear family friend.

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud while enjoying time spent with family. Get out and explore, taking advantage of the warm summer weather and sunny skies!


Get out and smell the flowers!


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