Travel Tales – Part 3


Sitting in the sand and surf (see Maggie avoiding the waves in the background) feeling so happy and carefree!


Enjoying the beautiful ocean view with the waves washing over me!

I guess most of us would say that wherever we come from is the best place in the world but say what you will; NS with the crash of the ocean waves, cool salty breeze and warm sun shine truly is my “Heaven on Earth”. There is no where I feel happier than in my “Home of My Heart” sitting on the beach, scanning the horizon where the surf meets the sky. Now before my friends and family back home in Ontario start to protest and say, “What about us? Are you not happy when you’re with us?” I reassure you that of course I love you all dearly and enjoy my life where I’ve made my home. I openly admit though that I miss NS; its people, its culture and the ties it has to my heart-strings.


The surf meets the sky!

I am very fortunate that my husband is a teacher and we are able to visit often. I guess in that way I have the best of both worlds; a home in Ontario and in NS.


My hubby’s kite in the wind!


My Honey flying his kite!

Enjoy these pictures taken today; our day at the ocean beach named Rainbow Haven; an appropriate name as any ocean beach here is like your pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, a lucky find!


Seaweed in the sand!


A child’s stone sculpture!


The crash of the waves; great for surfing!


Maggie is sand surfing, lol!

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud no matter where you come from or where you hang your hat. Home is anywhere that your heart is and that can be more than one place. Find joy in every day and in any place and don’t let anything hinder you from life’s great adventures.


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