Travel Tales – Part 2


Our night on the town at the Halifax Casino! Thanks to my brother in-law Bob for tickets to the show! It was nice to double date with my sister and her husband!

On Friday night we spent a wonderful night out with my sister and her husband enjoying the sounds of Randy Bachman; an amazing Canadian musician who was once a member of several well-known bands, “Guess Who” and “Bachman Turner Overdrive” or better known as “BTO”.


Randy Bachman on stage, front and center!

The venue was small and intimate, located at the Halifax Casino. The concert was not just a wonderful musical performance but Randy began each song with a story or history of how the song came about. It was fascinating to learn about where he found the inspiration for his writing and song creations.

The evening proved that music truly is a universal language that can span generations, for the audience consisted of young and old. If people raised their voices in song more and in angry shouts of war less, we would have a happy and peaceful planet.

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and enjoy the tunes of your favourite musician, sing out loud and like a common quote says, “Dance like no one is watching.” 


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