Torrid Haute Cash Purchase

Several weeks ago I posted some items for you my followers to put forth an opinion on what I should purchase. My vacation kind of side tracked the results of that shopping trip but I’m sharing that information now; better late than never.

Funnily I didn’t purchase anything I had planned on but found a cute tank top and shrug that I couldn’t resist. The tank is light and airy but has a little more design detail than the average tank. The shrug is a lovely cream lace, also light and airy that can be worn over anything and not be too warm. Together they make a cute set that can be dressed up with some dressy capris or a skirt or dressed down with some destructed jeans. Either way I love them both. Thanks to everyone who weighed in an opinion and sorry I didn’t follow anyone’s advice, lol!


Torrid tank top size 2.


Cream lace, cropped shrug from Torrid, size 2

What summer clothing purchases have you added to your wardrobe? Send me pictures; I love to see what warm weather styles you are trying out.

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and show off those arms with cute tank tops, let your legs feel the sun with some shorts and bare your back in a cute bikini. Be brave ladies and dare to bare it all!


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