Travel Tales – Part 1



Our beach at the campground; a beautiful clean lake!

  • IMG_0946
  • Maggie lounging on the beach!

As many of you know I have been on vacation in Nova Scotia, fondly known as Canada’s Ocean Playground. It is where I was born and raised and although I call Ontario home, Nova Scotia continues to be the home of my heart. It is where most of my family still resides and so coming here means reuniting with most of those I hold most dear to my heart; my sister, my dad and many cousins.


Maggie ready for our bike ride!


Taking a break on our bike ride; the Shubie trails near our campground are so beautiful, wooded and going around several lakes.ย 

Not only do I enjoy time spent with family but I love being ย close to the ocean again, breathing the clean, fresh and cooler air than what I left behind in Ontario where they are experiencing a heat wave and drought worse than anything experienced in recent years. We’ve been able to spend time at the beach (where I wore a bathing suit without shame and embarrassment; show off those curves ladies and enjoy the beach), bike riding (with Maggie safely tucked in the basket), walks on the Halifax waterfront, ice cream from world-famous “Cows Ice Cream” and scenic drives along the ocean. It’s been nice spending time with my hubby as my daughter has been staying at my sister’s house while hubby and I are staying in our trailer in a campground within the city and close to where my sister lives. All in all it’s been a relaxing but also rejuvenating holiday. We have a week left with lots of plans and things to do on our must see list.


Beautiful view of West Chezzetcook, the area where my Dad grew up.

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and my hope for everyone is that you get to spend some time in these summer months winding down, relaxing and maybe trying a few things out of your comfort zone; heading to the beach without a T-shirt covering your beautiful body, riding a bike without wondering if people are staring at your butt on the small seat or enjoying the flavour of a large ice cream cone and not giving a damn if anyone is judging whether you should be eating that or not.


Best ice cream in the world!


Maggie and I posing on the Halifax waterfront!


Maggie and Hubby relaxing outside the trailer!


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