Family – Got To Love Them

Being in NS has been a wonderful break from the realities of home life. Even though the vacation started with the funeral of my Aunt, there have been lots of great memories made too. Twice we’ve had different family groups to our trailer for dinner and have shared wonderful stories around the campfire.

Sometimes you don’t always get along with everyone in your family and that’s okay. But in times of stress or sadness it’s comforting to know that differences can be put aside and family members are there to comfort and support each other. While I’d say I get along pretty good with family near and far, I don’t always get to see them or spend time with them for every visit I may make to NS.

Often it is the reality that family members may only see each other at funerals or weddings; sad but true. The coming together of my cousins for my Aunt’s funeral has sparked a renewed resolve to spend more time with them while here and I hope to continue to strengthen those relationships in future visits to this place I call, “Home of My Heart”.

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and I sincerely hope all of you reading this have a loving and supportive family that you can rely on in good times and bad. Remember too that family doesn’t necessarily have to be people connected by blood. Family is any one who makes a place for you in their heart and home.


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