Being A Teenager At Age Fifty!

Fashion is one of my passions or maybe obsessions. If you’ve seen my YouTube channel you’ll know by now that I love clothes and I LOVE to shop. These are certainly not cheap past times but I guess I’m a teenage girl at heart revelling in the trendy styles now becoming more available to plus size women.


I love the colours and sexy style of this off the shoulder plus size blouse!


Like the young people I love the comfort and look of distressed jeans. My Dad says,”Why would you pay for pants with holes?” Maybe, I’ll ask myself the same question when I’m 88.

When I was a young girl all I wanted, like most teenage girls, was to be the same, to fit in. I wanted the cool clothes, the latest hairstyle, to be part of a group. However, being the fat girl with flat hair and a light moustache did not make it easy to be what I wanted to be. In fact, it made it quite impossible. Back then there was no such thing as trendy plus size clothes, mothers didn’t take their daughters to get eyebrows or lips waxed and there weren’t the array of hair products there are today that can give you volume if your hair is flat as a board like mine was. So needless to say I did not enjoy being a teenager.


Along with fashion, I love getting my nails done to express my trendy but feminine side (and yes I still do housework)!

Now at age 50, finally there are beautiful and stylish clothing for the curvy girls such as myself. Being a plus size woman, while not being completely mainstream, is at least making some headway in the land of acceptance. In addition to a passion for fashion, I love all things attached to being a well-groomed woman. I can now bring myself to get waxed and I can do things with my hair that, as a teenager, I only dreamed of. These are all choices that I as an adult woman can make for myself. I can enjoy fashion, styling my hair and wear makeup as a way to express who I am. Not everyone needs to nor should they make those choices. It is, however, good to know those choices are available for anyone wishing to take advantage of them.


This picture perfectly expresses who I am: a plus size woman who enjoys playing with makeup, loves short and funky hair, asked to get her nose pierced as a Mother’s Day gift a few years ago (no run of the mill flowers and card for this girl), loves skulls (note the earrings and no, I have no idea why I like them other then maybe they bring out the rebel side of me, lol) and I like lots of bling (note rhinestones on the glasses).

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and let the teenager inside of you out no matter your age, if that’s what you want and choose for yourself!


14 thoughts on “Being A Teenager At Age Fifty!

  1. Deboleena Biswas says:

    I guess I’ll be just the same when I’ll be 50. To me its just a number..what matters is how you see yourself. 🙂 You are very pretty and amazing 😀


  2. notfeelingmyage says:

    I wish I was at your level of confidence. I go shopping and see clothes that I think are too young or that are too old for me. I can’t seem to find what makes me comfortable in my own skin so I end up with the sale tshirts from Target. Comfy but certainly no fashion statement – so I end up in a rut. I need to get past “someday” and take a leap.


    • rfdumais says:

      Thank you for laving such a personal comment. It is not an easy journey but it is possible. Part of the problem with clothes shopping is that plus size clothing tends to be more expensive and it’s hard to do on your own when you are unsure of what looks good or not. Since finding Torrid, a plus size store offering trendy options for the curvy woman, I’m much more comfortable expressing myself through fashion. The store can be a bit expensive but there is always a promotion going on or a good clearance section so you can treat yourself without too much damage to the wallet. The staff is generally very good in helping newbie fashionistas so maybe give them a try. Take the leap and I promise you won’t regret it. Sorry for the delayed response to your comment. Just back from our family vacation and catching up on all my social media.


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