Heaven Has A New Angel


Yesterday Heaven received an angel. My aunt, my dad’s sister passed away. In her 90’s my Aunt Ruby was an amazing woman. She was an active, happy and vibrant woman enjoying life each and every day. Always on the go, she was often hard to find in the nursing home where she lived. She participated in everything and rarely missed a good party. She was a great story-teller and enjoyed a good laugh. She was funny and I enjoyed our long conversations when I visited. I’m so grateful that I was able to see her in February when I went to NS. We had a good long chat and she gave me a tour of her room, filled with the things she loved most; family pictures and home-made quilts. My Aunt loved games and doing puzzles; she had a sharp mind!


Aunt Ruby made me think of the Queen; always well dressed and styled!

I remember childhood visits to her home in the country with a view of the ocean. It’s the place she grew up and lived her life raising eight children. Her home always had a fire in the wood stove, cookies and tea ready for drop in guests. It was a small little house but filled to the rafters with love! My Dad shared with me his memory of how welcoming she was to my Mother when my Dad brought this lady from the west to meet his sister for the first time. My Mom was an outsider but Aunty Ruby welcomed her to the family with open arms and I think they enjoyed a good friendship. Certainly, when my Mom passed away Aunt Ruby was the first one to arrive at our house with hugs and food.  She had many grandchildren and great grand children to carry on her memories and she will be dearly missed. My sister and I were thinking she’s the last link we have to our Dad’s childhood and youth as she was his last remaining sibling. With my Dad’s dementia, it’s hard to know if the stories he tells are real or made up. Aunt Ruby was always able to fill in the gaps or distinguish the truths from the imaginary.

Heaven certainly gained an angel in our loss. We will miss her but take comfort in knowing she is at rest and reunited with her husband she lost many years ago.



6 thoughts on “Heaven Has A New Angel

  1. susansperspective says:

    I am so sorry for your loss. I am sure she is smiling down on you and knows about your tribute to her here on your blog. What a sweet way to honor her. *Hugs*

    I am now following your blog and can’t wait to dig in and start reading some of your past blogs to get started. So far I am loving what I see. Keep going, girl…you’ve got this! =)


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