Date Night!

Taking a little break from my usual blog content, I’d like to share my date night experience from Friday of this past weekend.


In the car ready for date night!


View of the city driving in!

For my fiftieth birthday my husband bought tickets to see a Keith Urban concert in Toronto. For those not familiar with Keith, his credentials include award-winning country music performer, he was a judge for a few years on the TV show “America’s Got Talent” and he’s married to actress Nicole Kidman. His native land is Australia but he resides in Nashville.


Here’s the guy! (Not too hard on the eyes, ladies, lol, and don’t get me started on the sexy Australian accent!)


Selfie before the show begins!

Now that you know who he is, I’ll continue. The show was at a partially enclosed outdoor venue. Our seats were originally in the 300 section but when we arrived we asked if there was availability in the accessible seating. I travel long distance by wheelchair as my MS makes it difficult to walk far. We learned from past concert experience that in regular seating unless you’re willing to stand with the rest of the crowd you’re not going to see much of the show. Standing through an entire concert is not an option. Thankfully, a very nice usher directed us to the accessibility area and I had a perfect view during the entire performance all in a comfortable seated position.


Our view of the stage.

Keith knows how to entertain a crowd. The singing was superb, the lighting technology was astounding and the whole vibe of the show was fun and lighthearted. He brought a woman on stage who was holding a sign with the number of times she’d been to Keith Urban concerts but had never been on stage. Now she can happily say she finally made it on stage up close and personal with her music idol. Another couple got attention from Keith when the gentleman proposed to his girlfriend during one of Keith’s ballads.  Keith also autographed and gave away a guitar to a very lucky lady in the audience. He comes across as a very genuine and nice guy, even staying on stage at the end to shake hands and thank the crowd for such a warm Canadian welcome. Apparently one of his songs from his current album hit number one here in Canada before hitting number one in the US.

About half way through the concert, despite a bit of rain Keith made his way to the uncovered portion of the venue and performed on a small stage for the back crowd. Despite thunder and lightning storms occurring all around the Toronto area, the storm bypassed the city and the concert was thankfully not affected by bad weather.


Small stage set up for the back crowd to get a better look.


A view of the crowd behind us. There was one more section of seats and then the rest of venue was grass for standing room or lawn chairs.

I had been worried about turning 50, not really looking forward to it. I have to say though that turning fifty was probably the best birthday I’ve ever had. Check out past posts about my other birthday festivities. Going to this concert was a nice final celebration to round out a great birthday extravaganza! If you like country music and ever have the opportunity to attend a Keith Urban concert I highly recommend it. It was probably one of the best concerts I’ve ever seen and made for a very nice date night in the big city!


Our view of the big screen.


A big bang finish with smoke and confetti!

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and never turn down the opportunity for a fun night out! It’s moments like this that make up the memories of a life well lived!


Night time Toronto skyline going home after a perfect date night!


12 thoughts on “Date Night!

  1. Mrs Strawberry Blonde says:

    Great to hear you had a good time.
    And you and your husband look so happy and sweet in the photo.

    It’s wonderful to to still do date nights, isn’t it? My husband and I got married more than 12 years ago and we still do regular date nights. 🙂


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