Body Positive Course By Cat Polivoda

Happy 4th of July to my American friends! Hope you’re enjoying a wonderful long weekend holiday!

Today I wanted to talk about one of the email courses I’ve really been enjoying, Body Positive Course by Cat Polivoda. Every day has been an inspiring lesson on how to be more body positive and bring more positivity into your life. Check her out on Instagram or her website,

Day five’s lesson was about infusing your life with people and things that inspire you to be more body positive. She stressed the importance of being able to recognize the stuff that makes you feel bad about yourself whether it comes from people you’re in contact with, TV shows that you watch, Facebook accounts you follow, blogs or YouTube channels you’re subscribed to. Get rid of or limit as much as possible all negative influences in your life.

Coincidentally, when I reviewed this particular lesson one evening, I had the opportunity earlier that same day to change the channel on a TV show I had been prepared to watch. It was a popular afternoon talk show whose topic that day was about two women who had been trying to lose weight and continued to fail after numerous attempts. The discussion was going to be how they could turn their failure into a success by closely examining what they were doing wrong; how they could change their behaviours, thoughts, attitudes and actions to lose the weight they wanted to and become a better version of themselves. I have no problem with these women wanting to lose weight if that is their choice. What I do have a problem with is the way these women were made to feel; that there was something wrong with them that they couldn’t stick to a health regime. While some people would have no problem with the show’s topic, I personally chose that the message was of a negative tone and therefore I didn’t need to listen to it, thus I chose to change the channel. The show did not inspire me so I chose to remove it from my life that day.

Who inspires you? Make a list and share with me. I’m always looking for more sources of happiness!

Here’s a list of people, websites, YouTubers, bloggers and Instagramers that influence and inspire me in my journey of becoming more body positive:

  1. Chooselifewarrior – YouTube channel and Instagram
  2. Queenbeefashionista4 – Instagram
  3. Cat Polivoda – Instagram and blogger
  4. Ashley Graham – Model, Designer, Body Activist, Ted Talk video
  5. Jewelz M – Founder of BigandBlunt, Body Positive Activist and Model
  6. Mustangsallytwo – Lisa, website
  7. Tracy P – Makeup Artist to Toronto’s Breakfast Television and CityLine
  8. Cynthia Ramsay Noel – website
  9. My Curves and Curls – a blog by Assa, you can also find her on Instagram

There truly are far too many to list them all. Of course my friends and family inspire me every day to continue my journey, continue my writing and follow my dreams. I sincerely hope my name is included on your list as that would be my greatest wish; that I inspire and help all women to love themselves just as they are!

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and fill your life with everything that makes you happy! Remove or limit the negative!


Image used with permission from queenbeefashionista4 on Instagram.


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