What Is A Canadian?

Happy Canada Day! July first is a special day for us Canadians as we celebrate the birthday of this great nation! What does it mean to be a Canadian?


A Canadian is always friendly. We always apologize even if it’s not our fault. We end our sentences with eh, example: It’s a great day, eh! We like maple syrup, poutine, beer and beaver tails (not from real beavers, it’s a pastry). We appreciate nature (there are lots of untouched land). We enjoy a good fiddle concert, fish fry (not me but many do, lol) and stampede. We are the land of Christmas trees, hockey and two official languages; English and French. We enjoy all four seasons; spring, summer, winter and fall. It does not snow year round and we do not live in igloos.

Being Canadian, we enjoy freedom of speech, religion and cultural traditions. We have free education until age eighteen after which there are many world-class universities and colleges to choose from right here at home, for a higher education. It is the land where there is equal opportunity for all regardless of race, colour, ethnic background or monetary situations. If you are willing to work hard, there is a place to go. We do not tolerate violence and the average person does not own a gun.

I’m not saying we’re perfect as there’s always room for improvement. Bad things happen here like they happen anywhere. For the majority of us though, there is plenty of food on the table, a roof over our head, clothes on our back and money in our pocket. There are museums and art galleries showcasing talented Canadians. There is theatre and recitals for the dramatic, music and dance enthusiasts. Most of us have much to be grateful for living in a country as beautiful, rich and diverse as Canada!

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud to live in the country of the brave and free. Canada, there’s no other place I’d rather be!



6 thoughts on “What Is A Canadian?

  1. Lisa Meister says:

    I grew up very close to Canada in Northern Michigan. Our coins were always half American and half Canadian. I thought that was normal until tourists, in the store I worked in, would get angry if there was Canadian coins in their change. I hope you Canada day was special.


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