Stop Bad Body Talk

We do it all the time, talk about someone else behind their back. We judge, voice opinions, compare or talk nasty about other people. We can chalk it up to human nature, laugh it off with a “just kidding” attitude or we can stop! When we engage in behaviour that is demeaning to others, whether they hear us or not, we are acting as the very bully we are trying to avoid in our own life. These types of negative comments are toxic and reflect badly on who we are as a person. We only make ourselves look bad when we choose to participate in demoralizing, insulting and critical conversations.

It is not our position to make judgements, police or talk about the choices other people make for their bodies whether it’s about their health, how they look, what type of clothing they wear, how they style their hair or what they pick from the dinner menu. It is not our business to push our beliefs or opinions on what we think is good or bad for someone or question their lifestyle simply because it is different from our own. We don’t like it done to ourselves so why do it to someone else?

Take the high road when conversations like this take place around you. Make it clear your position on being body positive not just for yourself but for everyone. Maybe in stopping the bad talk people will think twice before engaging in thinking, feeling and voicing negativity and adopt a more positive approach to life; one in which everyone is allowed to live their own life however they see fit.

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and stop bad talk in its tracks before it gathers steam!


(Image used with permission from Queenbeefashionista4 on Instagram)


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