Be Confident!

Your look, how you choose to dress, style your hair, what makeup you wear if any, tells your story. It can say, “I’m confident in my own skin” or “I’m not happy with who I am so I’m hiding”.  You don’t have to wear the latest fashion but whatever you choose let it be known that this is the style you like to wear and feel good in. Walk with pride and confidence; head high, shoulders back, stand tall. Same with your hair and makeup or lack of; be clean, neat and tidy. You are showing the world you are happy with the way you look and you are not blending in but striding forward in strength and self love.

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and be confident in your own skin no matter how you choose to dress it up! Enjoy the quotes below for a dose of body confidence! (reprinted with permission from Dani aka chooselifewarrior on YouTube and Instagram)

  • “Be yourself, everyone else is taken.” – Oscar Wilde
  • “It’s not your job to like me, it’s mine.” – Unknown
  • “Take care how you speak to yourself because you are listening.” – Unknown
  • “Loving yourself is not vanity, it is sanity.” – Katrine Mayer
  • “Stay strong and choose life.” – Chooselifewarrior
  • “Comparison is the thief of joy.” – Theodore Roosevelt



(Image used with permmision from Queenbeefashionista4 on Instagram)


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