The Numbers Dance

There are so many ways we define ourselves by numbers. We stand on a scale and see the number that represents our weight. We look at the calories of food and use it to decide on what we do or do not eat on any given day. We look at the numbers on our treadmill to see how much we’ve exercised, how far we’ve run and what we need to do to beat our last milestone. Some of us weigh and measure our food, restricting how much we eat. We buy our clothes by the number on a tag which categorizes us as “regular” size or “plus” size.  The number behind the dollar sign on our pay check puts us in class categories of poor, middle class or upper class. Our age defines whether we are young, middle age or a senior.

Some of these numbers can’t be avoided but do they truly define who we are as a person? Do they measure kindness, generosity, love, happiness, our spirits, beliefs, attitudes, accomplishments, talents, strength, creativity or personalities? NO!!!! It’s fine to be cautious about what you eat. It’s okay to want to improve your physical health. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to improve your financial situation to better provide for your family. It’s when these numbers become all you can think about that the problem begins. If your see your worth based solely on numbers that is where it all goes wrong.

Being thin or fat does not make you a better or worse person than anyone else. Being rich or poor does not make you more or less valuable than anyone else. Running ten miles or one mile is equally impressive in my mind since having MS prevents me from walking a block let alone running a mile.

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and know your worth is not defined by numbers. Your worth is how you treat others, how you treat yourself and the mark you leave on the world around you in what you do and what you say. 


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