Make Memories Every Day!


My Mom

Yesterday marked the tenth anniversary of my Mom’s leaving this earth. Wow, ten years! How is that even possible?! So much has happened in my life since that day, good and bad. In those years I watched my daughter grow from a little girl of five to a young lady of fifteen. We’ve celebrated her birthdays, her growth into becoming an adult in our church, her first graduation and now completing her first year of high school. My Mother would be so proud of her only grandchild! She was so excited when Emily was born; so happy she had a grand-daughter to spoil. Spoil her she did but that’s okay, that’s what Grandmas are for.

In ten years we also lost my Mother in-law. She too would have been proud of this grandchild, one of six. In the years that have passed we brought home a little bundle of fur we named Maggie. My Mother was not a dog lover so not sure what she would have thought of our fur baby! In ten years we’ve gone on family vacations to Disney World, Universal Studios and yearly summer trips to NS with our trailer. Time has seen some of my nieces off to university, going out on first dates and finding first boyfriends.

Ten years are a long time to make memories but it seems like they flew by in the blink of an eye! So my advice today is to not waste a single moment. Love your children at whatever stage they may be in; don’t wish for the time when things are easier. Parenting never gets easier as each age comes with a whole new set of challenges. Love your partner, spend time together that’s not paying bills or arguing about the children. Go to the movies, have romantic dinners, hold hands on a beach and wake up early to watch a sunrise. Cherish the time spent with family; barbecues, celebrations and milestones. Take lots of pictures so good times can be remembered and talked about in the years still to come. Do a job you are passionate about. Take risks, stretch yourself out of your comfort zone once in a while so you feel alive.

Ten years seem like a long time but really it’s not. I miss my Mom every day and wish with all my heart she was still here. Life has gone on even though I couldn’t imagine how ten years ago when she passed away.

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and make a memory every day. I wonder what the next ten years has in store for me?


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