All About Dad!


Me, Dad and my sister when I went to visit in February.

I’ve written about the women who have influenced my life and have shaped who I am today. I have not given my Dad his fair share of the spotlight.


Me and Dad last summer enjoying some fish and chips at his nursing home.

My memories as a little girl:

  • -standing on his feet and holding his hands while he danced me around the room
  • -sitting on his back while he crawls around on all fours as my pony
  • When he got home from work I would pester him with, “Play with me Daddy!”
  • Every summer Dad would take me, my sister and brother for a ferry ride while Mom relaxed at home.
  • Dad was the sled hauler up the hill after each run down the snowy hill back in the day when we got lots of snow in the NS winters.
  • Dad was a pastry chef and always made beautiful birthday cakes for us at home.
  • At Christmas, the hotel where he worked had a party for the employees’ children. Dad would take us into the kitchen and show us the big mixers, ovens and let us take an extra cookie or two from the big fridges.
  • I remember many nights of me crying at the kitchen table trying to do my math homework and Dad patiently attempting to explain over and over how to solve the problem.
  • My Dad did not have a lot of formal education but he’s the smartest man I know. He taught himself how to do everything in the house; plumbing, electrical work, carpentry, you name it, he could do it! In his senior years he taught himself how to use the computer. He was not intimidated by technology!
  • I remember going out in a snowstorm with my Dad to buy our first VCR – a beta (Anyone remember those?).
  • My Dad loved to camp and was given a canoe as his retirement gift from the hotel where he worked. My Mom and Dad had a pop up tent trailer and could be found in NS’s beautiful National Park, Keji, even in early April with snow on the ground.
  • My Dad is the friendliest guy and everyone always says how cute he is even at 88 years old.


Dad loves his caps!

I could go on forever but suffice it to say my Dad can best be described as loving, kind, strong, intelligent, smart, resourceful, talented, funny, a man of great faith, a great father, husband, grandfather and friend.


Dad deep in conversation.

I am Pretty, Plus and Proud to be a Daddy’s girl! Happy Father’s day to the best Dad a girl could ever hope for or be so lucky to have!


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