Show Off Your Sexy Self

Lingerie for curvy women? Duh, YES!! A plus size woman’s body was designed to fill out sexy lingerie in all the right places. It does not hang on our bodies like a paper bag. Our bodies fill out the soft silk negligees, hug every curve and flatter the wonderful creations that we are.

Stretch your comfort zone and treat yourself to something a little more revealing than your flannel pyjamas. Even if you’re the only one who sees it, a silky nightie or sexy bra and panty set will boost your confidence, make you feel like the beautiful woman you are. That secret smile will leave the world wondering what this bombshell is hiding. The secret is yours until you are ready to share it. Check out the pictures below captured at the Curvy Expo. Hopefully, something catches your eye and you decide to try something new!






Addition Elle




Addition Elle

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud to dress your curves in something sexier than your sweat pants from college days!


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