Plus Size Sportswear

Plus size women do play sports. We do physical activity. We enjoy moving our bodies. The only thing different between us and any other active person is the size and availability of sportswear. Curvy girls can’t just walk into any sports store and find comfortable, stretchy and breathable clothing.

Once again stores like Addition Elle, Penningtons and Torrid come to the rescue offering women sizes 14 + options to perform any sport they desire whether it’s swimming, running, golf or yoga. Check out some of the options pictured below (pictures were taken at the Curvy Expo fashion show so sadly no photos from Torrid but check out their website for all the great sportswear they have to offer). As always don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and try something new. Don’t worry if anyone is watching. They probably aren’t and if they are, who cares. The point is to have fun, live life!


Outfit from Addition Elle


Swimwear from Penningtons


Swimwear from Addition Elle


Outfit from Penningtons


Outfit from Penningtons


Outfit rom Addition Elle

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and enjoy whatever and however you choose to move your body remembering exercise isn’t about losing weight but simply to have fun with friends and family and release those happy endorphins.


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