The Power Of Fear

Fear is a powerful emotion. It can hold you back from doing so many things in life. When you are afraid of other people’s opinions, you might deny yourself the joy of feeling the sun on your bare arms or the cold, salty ocean spray of splashing in the waves. Your fear tells you people will stare, laugh or make rude comments about your flabby arms in a sleeveless top or your protruding belly in a bathing suit.

Fear might prevent you from applying for the promotion at work or even sending in a resume to a job you’ve always dreamed of doing. Your fear tells you that people will think your plus size body doesn’t belong in a professional atmosphere, that you couldn’t possibly do a job well if you’re obviously not disciplined enough to control your weight.

Fear tells you don’t talk to that guy across the room at a party; why would he be interested in the fat girl? Fear causes you to make assumptions that people will only be interested in talking to you if you look slim; not because you might be funny, smart, worldly, talented, creative or a stimulating conversationalist.

Fear tells you to wear loose, ill-fitting clothing to hide your body. You couldn’t possibly look good in bright, trendy, body hugging clothes with bold patterns.

Fear is a difficult emotion to conquer especially if it’s been in your head for a very long time. However, you have only one life. Do you really want to spend it living in the shadows, hiding? Does it really matter that much what other people think? The people who are worthy of your love and attention already know how wonderful you are. Anyone with a negative opinion of you doesn’t belong in your life; they are ignorant and shallow and don’t merit a second thought.


Image posted to Facebook by Michelle Finley

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and don’t let fear rule your life. Be brave and have fun! Let the sun shine on you, get the career you are passionate about, wear the cutest clothes you can find and grab hold of the guy who’s caught your eye. Your confidence will win you the attention you seek. 


Image posted to Facebook by FabEllis


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