What’s Holding You Back?

I saw this quote on Facebook posted by Plus Model Magazine, author unknown:

“It is not what you are that holds you back, it is what you think you are not.”

So many plus size women or anyone who thinks less of themselves are their own worst enemy. Sure they have has experiences that have solidified in their mine their low self-esteem, bad body image and lack of confidence. However, at some point in life we must rise above our demons and take charge. Your life is too short to let the bullies win. Is someone telling you that you are not good enough? Is someone saying you are not beautiful, strong, smart or worthy? If there is someone in your life putting these thoughts in your head you must shake them lose; bye, bye!

Those negative thoughts are holding you back from fulfilling your destiny. You are more than those negative thoughts in your head. If you think you are not smart enough for the promotion at work then your boss will know that and not give it to you. If you think you aren’t beautiful then people you want to attract will ignore you. All the things you think you are not are holding you back.

In fact, you are all these wonderful things and so much more. If you believed you were smart, beautiful, capable, strong, worthy and good enough imagine what your life would be like; you would be appreciated at work for your skills and given the rewards you deserve whether it’s a promotion or a raise; if you believed you were beautiful, you wouldn’t settle for a partner who mistreats you; your friends and family would respect you. What you are, whether you are plus size, disabled, a woman of colour, someone who is from a different country will not hold you back from achieving your dreams unless you think it will.

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and let the power of your thoughts lead you in a direction where you have a life of plenty; plenty of love, appreciation, respect and success.

What thoughts are holding you back?


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