The Goddess Within You

Every woman, no matter shape, size, colour, age or race has a goddess within her waiting to be released. This is the woman who stands up for herself. She is the woman who says no when she has too much already on her plate. The goddess is the woman who works hard and fights for her rightful place in the workforce. She is the woman who defends and cares for her children at all costs. She is a woman who helps other women up rather than knocking them down. She knows her worth and doesn’t settle for second best. She will not allow herself to be treated rudely, roughly or unfairly. She will be your best friend who makes you feel good about yourself on the days you have trouble believing it’s true.

The inner goddess is within each and every one of you. She is the woman who loves herself; body, mind and spirit. She appreciates her body for where it has brought her to this point in her life. Although the goddess is not perfect, she knows she is more than good enough and that’s okay.

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and let your inner goddess out today!


Take a selfie and share, showing everyone you are a goddess; beautiful and strong!

(Content idea from More To Love Course by Rachael Estapa)


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