Love or Fear?

We all face difficult times in our life when we react with all kinds of emotions; fear, anger, hate, sadness. These negative emotions are probably the easiest ones to come up with when times are tough. It is easier to blame ourselves or turn to self loathing to get through the bad.

I know when I face something difficult like an MS relapse my usual reaction is fear; will this be the time I won’t be able to recover and thus lose function of my body in some way. I react with anger; why me? What have I done in my life to deserve this? Sometimes I react by hating my body because I feel trapped by its limitations. It has taken away my career as a teacher and made caring for my loved ones more difficult.

However there is another way to react. There is the route taken less often but much more beneficial to our well-being. Try turning to love. Loving our bodies and ourselves during difficult times means we are giving ourselves the same support we would give to family and friends when they need help. Why do we deserve less than what we give? The answer is we don’t. If we turn our challenges into moments of intense self-love we will heal faster and perhaps get through a bad time faster rather than have it linger on for longer then necessary. Care for your body, mind and spirit and the challenges will work themselves out.

Hopefully I won’t have to go through an MS relapse again but if I do I am going to try to react with love instead of fear. I will take extra care of my body while it heals. I will lovingly accept support from friends and family and I will not question this relapse with the angry question of why me. The truth is we all have bad stuff happen so I’m really no better or worse off than anyone else. Love will carry me through and heal me faster than anger, fear or hate.

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and love yourself through thick or thin!


Try writing a journal entry with a promise of facing bad times with love.

(Content idea from More To Love Facebook Course by Rachael Estapa)


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