Curvy Expo – Last Installment


I want this sign for my front door!

For my last post on Curvy Expo I want to touch on the feelings that the atmosphere brought to my heart. It was a true celebration of the curvy figure; a place where women of all shapes and sizes could mingle, meet and feel comfortable in their skin. There was no one judging each other, shaming bodies or criticizing you because of your dress size or number on a scale. This was a place for women to feel safe, accepted and embraced for being plus size rather than being made to feel unwanted and not good enough.


This should be every woman’s motto!

Everyone was friendly, complimentary and kind. For many plus size women this event may be the beginning of their journey to self-love, for here, they were finally seen and heard. They saw that fashion is not restricted to the petite figure. There are stylish and trendy clothing available to women of all sizes. Women learned that makeup, accessories and hairstyles are meant to flatter the female face not used to hide or disguise their beautiful, round faces. Women met successful plus size females and realized that one does not have to be small to be mighty. Success and looking good does not have to wait until you’ve lost twenty pounds. These are things attainable to every woman at any size, shape, age or colour.


Posing with “Tess Holiday”, model, Mom, designer and brand ambassador for Penningtons.

It was an event long overdue and very much-needed. Women need to feel good in their bodies. They need to love their bodies no matter what shape or form. They need to see that they are good enough for whatever they desire in life for life truly is too short wasting it on feelings of shame and self hate.


On stage surrounded by plus size bloggers like me who hope to inspire every woman to love their body no matter shape or size! (Photo taken from a Facebook post on Curvy Expo)

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and most of all love yourself! You do deserve it!


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