Curvy Expo Day Five – Seminars

Throughout the day at Curvy Expo there was a variety of seminars offered that provided visitors an opportunity to sit and listen to some words of wisdom about everything from makeup and fashion to being positive and in shape.


A schedule of the day’s seminar events.

The first seminar we enjoyed was brought to us by Tracy P. She is a beauty guest expert on the CTV show CityLine and also exclusive makeup artist to Breakfast Television in Toronto. Tracy demonstrated how to apply makeup for a professional and polished look for the workplace as well as taking questions from the audience. She’s a lovely lady and very knowledgeable in her craft.


Tracy and model teaching her audience what to apply and how when it comes to makeup for the office and professional life.


Tracy graciously accepted my request for a photo together!

The second seminar was delivered by Audrey Hlembizky, an entrepreneur, high performance coach, business consultant and brand engineer. She’s highly focused on goal and dream facilitation. She spoke very effectively on becoming body positive, loving who you are and not letting anything, especially your size, stand in your way.


Audrey is a force to be reckoned with in her pink stilettos!

I wasn’t able to enjoy all the seminars as there was so much to see and do so I missed Liis Windischmann who offered every day body love tips. There was a Zumba demonstration facilitated by an instructor from FitZone Plus; too high energy for me, lol!

I was able to enjoy some shopping tips from Jessica Biffi, a fashion designer and blogger. She shared her ideas on what staples every woman should have in her closet, the importance of a good tailor, how to wear mixed patterns together and breaking “fashion rules” for plus size women.


I’ve had the pleasure of meeting this talented woman on several other occasions and she’s always gracious and willing to stop for a photo.

These seminars provided lots of information and tips on how, as a plus size woman, you can love all your curves and present the best version of yourself.

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and turn to the experts if you’re unsure on how to show the world your best and beautiful self!





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