Curvy Expo Day Four – Fashion Show


Stylist Lynn Spence opening the show!


This was called the Canadian Tuxedo; denim with denim. 


Ophilia; curvy model, Body Confidence Canada Award Winner, Motivational Speaker, Brand Ambassador and Philanthropist. Outfit from Penningtons.


Sarah Taylor, Reigning Miss Canada Plus. Outfit from Penningtons.


Ashley Sharman, plus size model, showing off a beautiful outfit from Penningtons.


Caterina rocking a two piece swimsuit from Penningtons!

One of the highlights of the day at Curvy Expo was a fashion show featuring styles from Penningtons, Addition Elle, Toni Plus and Calista Bridal. The clothing of course was beautiful but the thing that struck me so positively was the variety of body types in the models chosen to walk the runway for this event. It was nice to see ladies strutting their beautiful selves who were not one would call typical model material. There were ladies that were tall, short,  small waisted, some not so much, some had cellulite and they all had lumps and bumps. They represented real women and those of us watching the show saw how we can totally rock stylish, trendy clothes. Gone are the stretchy, polyester pants of my mother’s generation. Now, plus size women have options and choices just like their slimmer peers. Now all bodies can wear all styles!


Catherine Field, plus size model, showing off a cute and trendy look from Penningtons


I’ve never shopped this line of clothing but they had some lovely pieces; great choices for the career woman who wants to dress fashionably but retain comfort for a long day at the office. 


Stylish and classy two piece outfit from Toni Plus.


I loved this look from Addition Elle, the soft pink of the tank top with the light wash jeans and white vest; great outfit for date night or dinner out with the girls!


I loved this top which also comes in white from Addition Elle. Wear it loose as this model does or to give your waist some definition, cinch it with a wide, chunky belt around the middle. 


Are you ready for beach season? For a bikini body all you need is a bikini and a body, simple!


Everyone needs comfortable exercise clothing. Sport this look from Addition Elle and you are workout ready!

These models boldly and proudly displayed everyday wear, lingerie, bathing suits and stunning wedding gowns. Lynn Spence, most well-known for her appearance on CTV’s show CityLine, got the show going by offering her tips on how she styles women so they can put their best foot forward. Before the bridal portion of the show, we were treated to Juno award-winning singer Simone Denny who then also provided her singing talents as the models walked the runway in beautiful gowns made for every woman’s dream wedding day.


Simone Denny gave a powerful performance with her song, “You Are A Superstar” because ladies, we are all superstars!

It was an honour to be seated front row with other bloggers so I had an amazing view of every outfit that walked down the runway and was able to take some great pictures to include in this post.


An elegant dress for the big day!


An elegant bridal gown with flowing veil.

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and hopefully some of the pictures I’ve included will inspire you to try some new styles or stretch you to try something out of your comfort zone; bikini or sexy lingerie perhaps?



2 thoughts on “Curvy Expo Day Four – Fashion Show

  1. Pamela Fontaine says:

    Excellent photos. Looks like a great show which I’m sorry to have missed. Thanks for sharing for those of us who couldn’t attend.


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