Curvy Expo Part Three

Yes, there’s more! Today’s blog will focus on all the lovely bloggers I had the honour of meeting! To be in the same circles as these inspiring women was a little intimidating but I did my best to remember they all started out small like me and with hard work and never giving up they are now success stories.


Follow Jewelz from JewelzJourney  on Instagram; putting body love into every picture she poses for!


Jessica Biffi – fashion designer and blogger

These women have paved the road of the body positive movement for newbies like me to join on the band wagon. They have made being plus size less of a social stigma and more of a celebration. These beautiful women are teaching us, through their social media platforms, that being curvy is not something we should be ashamed of or a reason to hide in the closet.


Assa from “My Curves and Curls” – we’re twins for the day

Certainly the Curvy Expo has put plus size women in the spotlight and hopefully that trend will continue! No longer do ladies with “flaws” need to feel inferior, unworthy or not good enough. By following these bloggers, (including me I hope), plus size women will gain the confidence to go after their dreams and know that what they once thought was impossible because of their size is now a very real possibility indeed!


The lovely lady in pink is Lisa from the blog “Mustang Sally Two”.

I didn’t get to pose with all the lovelies I met on Saturday but hopefully we’ll meet again and there’ll be more photo opportunities to add to my collection.


Check out these blogs for great plus size fashion tips and body positive words of wisdom! (recognize the first name on the list, lol)

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and seek inspiration from the curvy women who are writing about, photographing and flaunting their curvy and beautiful selves!


Sarah, Miss Plus Canada



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