Curvy Expo Part Two

There was a nice variety of vendors showcased at Saturday’s Curvy Expo selling clothing, jewellery, candles, magazine subscriptions, lingerie, pastries, makeup classes and so much more. My favourite booth, however, was Lady Luck Pinups and Boudoir Photography and Pinups. Their motto/slogan: “Let’s Start a Revolution. Let’s Stop Hating Our Bodies!”.


Wish I had this sign for my front door!


Their photography style focuses on Boudoir shots and 1940’s Pinup style poster pictures. Their packages include wardrobe, hair and makeup and a large selection of proofs depending on the package you select. This is not your run of the mill style portraits you get at Wal-Mart but truly something unique. It is the type of photography meant to empower women and inspire them to love and show off their bodies and their curves.


Beautifully decorated booth; looked like a movie set!


The lovely Jennifer NcCready; creator/owner

All of the women working this booth were so friendly and easy to talk to. The owner, Jennifer McCready, was especially sweet and we enjoyed quite a good chat discussing the body positive movement and her role as a photographer in supporting the idea that plus size women should feel comfortable and sexy in their own skin with all the bumps, lumps and curves. Posing for seductive/suggestive photos is not, nor should it be, reserved for the slim but every woman should feel free to explore this art form.


Beautiful ladies with curves!

So, if you’re looking for something different as a gift for your husband/boyfriend/partner, I suggest giving Jennifer and her team a go. It’s certainly not something your loved one will forget about in a corner or want to return!


We clicked right away; I think perhaps a new friendship is in the works! 

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and don’t be shy to catch all of your unique beauty on film!


2 thoughts on “Curvy Expo Part Two

  1. Kat says:

    Was so nice to meet you and chat with you at the booth. A day at LadyLuck isn’t just a gift for others, but also, and maybe more importantly, a gift to yourself. We all deserve to feel beautiful, just for ourselves. :).

    Glad we’re in each others’ circles! Looking forward to reading more of this blog.


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