Draw The Line!

Today’s post is about drawing a line in the sand; standing up and saying no! You are going to say aloud what you will not allow yourself to believe about your body and life. You are going to make loud and clear what is and is not acceptable anymore.

Maybe before you would say, “I need to be skinny to find love.” Your new motto: “I am worthy of love and will find it in the body I have right now!”

Before: “Eating a piece of cake makes me a bad person.” After: “The food I choose to eat does not determine my worth as a human being!”

Before: “I need to lose weight before I go for that job interview.” After: “My experience, talents, skills and past job performance will determine my employability!”

Before: “I have to take care of everyone else first before I do anything for myself.” After: “I must care for myself first so I am better able to care for others in my life!”

Before: “I’d be pretty if I were skinnier.” After: “I am not going to apologize for my size because others think I would be prettier if I weighed less. My size has nothing to do with my beauty! I am beautiful, period!”

I am sure you can think of other things you say to yourself on a daily basis that are simply not true. Dig deep, find them and throw them out. Draw your line and vow never to cross it again!

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and stand up for yourself; YOU decide what is and is not acceptable when it comes to YOUR body and YOUR life!


What are you going to say NO to?

(Content Idea from More To Love Facebook course by Rachael Estapa)


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