Curvy Expo Part One!


The journey begins!



It was all so pretty in pink!

Curvy Expo, May 14th, 2016, was almost the best day of my life! It was so much fun and such a feel good experience that I didn’t want it to ever end! It was a full day of women showing each other love, support, encouragement, kindness and respect; sadly, a rather refreshing change. Everyone was there for the sole purpose of embracing and accepting who they are in the body they have, not worrying about anyone judging or criticizing their shape or accusing them of needing to change to be better or more worthy. Everyone looked beautiful in all their shapes, sizes and colours.


Director Megan Bradley

I hope every woman walked away from this day feeling as I did, full of hope for a world where you are not judged by your size, the number on your scale or the tag on your dress. Instead you are appreciated for your talents, ideas, hard work, your kindness and inner beauty. Your worth is who you are on the inside not your outside shell. Having said that, we are all beautiful in our own unique way whether we weigh 100 pounds or 300 pounds. I met so many lovely ladies, all different shapes and sizes and I loved them all.


Lots of posing opportunities with the pretty and fun decor!


Stay tuned to all my posts this coming week for more details on the Expo’s program and what we actually saw and did all day!

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud of who you are no matter your size, the number on a scale or the tag of your dress.


Well done Meghan Bradley for your inspiring ideas that brought Curvy Expo to life and in doing so brought hope to so many women suffering simply because they are unhappy in their own beautiful but unappreciated bodies!


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