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We all have body parts we especially don’t like. Maybe it’s your soft, squishy belly that pops over the top of your pants that you’re constantly trying to hide under loose-fitting tops. Maybe you don’t like your flabby arms never wanting to wear anything sleeveless for fear of ridicule.

For me the part of my body I dislike the most is my legs. They are downright ugly from the knees up; lots of rolls, cellulite and bruising (from needle injections to treat my MS). I let them see light rarely, always wearing longer shorts or capris in the summer. I prefer bathing suits with skirts or longer shorts for bottoms.

Today the relationship with my legs is going to change. Yes, maybe they’re not the prettiest things in the world but they work hard to keep me upright and walking having battled lots of MS episodes. The bruising is a sign that they have fought a battle but have come out on top. I know lots of people, even the slim ones who complain about cellulite so I am not unique in that department.

My legs are mine and uniquely beautiful and I vow to give them the love and respect they deserve! It’s okay that they are not perfect for nothing is. I will Be Pretty, Plus and Proud of every body part including my “hated” parts!


What will you promise to love that you formerly hated?

(Content idea from More To Love Facebook course by Rachael Estapa)


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