Count Your Blessings!

In a place, that many of my readers may not even have heard of, a horrific fire has devastated an entire town. Fort McMurray in the western province of Alberta has had to evacuate 88,000 people, many of whom have lost their homes, all their possessions and their jobs due to a spreading fire that the heroes of the fire department are fighting to control.

Watching people fleeing for their very lives leaving everything they own and the memories attached to what’s left behind, is a very strong eye opener. How many of us spend more time collecting more stuff instead of collecting time spent with family and friends? How many of us accept extra shifts at work so we can afford a fancier house or car? Are those the things our lives should circle around? Are the people we spend our time with or live with not more important?

In the blink of an eye possessions can be wiped out but remember things can be replaced, people can not, nor the memories made with our loved ones. Play with your children, hold your husband/wife’s hand, give your Mom or Dad your time, watch a play or ball game with friends. Don’t let disaster happen before you realize the importance of those around you and how they enrich your life.

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and count your blessings, not your money or your stuff!


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