OOTD and Fashion Tip #16


I feel pretty in this outfit and isn’t that how we should all feel every day before we step out the door? What we choose to wear can affect how we feel about ourselves. Choosing big, oversize T-shirts and gym pants that are big and baggy might be comfortable around the house but what does it say about us when we wear an outfit like that out in pubic? It screams to the world, “I don’t care about myself!” When you take the time to choose clothes that are flattering, have nice designs or bright colours, are trendy and in style, we show the world that no matter our size or shape we love ourselves enough to present the best version of ourselves to the outside world. Choosing the best clothes you can afford will help you feel better about who you are; it will give you confidence and boost your self-esteem (you’ll gather compliments like gathering flowers from a garden).

I like the top I’m wearing in this picture for three specific reasons; the colour, the lace detail and the style. The colour makes a bold statement that says being plus size does not mean I’m going to hide my body in the “slimming” colour of black. No, I’m going to enjoy beautiful colour on my body just like everyone else. The lace detail around the neckline raises admirers’ eyes to my face and away from any areas I prefer to keep attention away from. The loose swing style is comfortable but feminine and not sloppy like a plain oversize T-shirt.

Fashion Tip: Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and choose your clothing carefully keeping in mind that colour, style and design details let the world know you are a confident, body loving plus size gal!


Check out my YouTube channel for outfit details!


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