Birthday Shopping Haul!

As many of you know, last weekend was my 50th birthday. I was very fortunate to be gifted some money, so of course, where did I go? First two guesses don’t count, lol! I made a trip to Torrid! I tried on lots of little beauties. If you’ve seen the haul video I posted on YouTube today you’ll know what made the cut into my bag. If you haven’t seen the video, look through the pictures and make some guesses. There are two tops I bought that I forgot to photograph. I guess you’ll have to log in to YouTube to see what they are!


Always like their baseball raglan T-shirts; soft and comfortable!!

IMG_0977Too snug!


You know I like my skulls and the blue of this top was so vibrant!


Obviously the wrong bra underneath but this blouse is beautiful and very flattering to the figure!


This is a cute T-shirt with a little more dress up potential then a regular T shirt.


Loved the bright colour of this top!

Which items did I buy? What items did you like best? Which pieces would you wear?

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and wear whatever makes you feel beautiful!


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