Think Of The Young

If you are a mother, an aunt, a grandmother or a sister, think of the young girls in your life every time you display body hate. What are they hearing every time you ask yourself, “Does this dress make me look fat?” What do they see when you cry after every failed diet attempt? What do they think every time you exclaim, “I wish I was prettier/skinnier/smarter/stronger, etc.”?

Your daughter/niece/grand-daughter/sister sees a woman who doesn’t think she’s good enough. They learn to compare themselves to you and find they come up short as well. These little girls look up to you to see how to act, what to think or feel. When you hate who you are, they learn to hate who they are because they see themselves as an extension of their mother/aunt/grandmother/sister.

Do you want them to grow up with low self-esteem, low confidence; hating who they are, always wanting to be someone else? Is that the kind of life you wish for someone you love? In your heart of hearts you don’t want that for yourself so I think it’s a pretty safe bet you don’t want that for the little girls in your life either.

Show yourself body love. Accept, embrace and own who you are from the tips of your toes to the top of your head; inside and out. When you do this, those little girls who worship everything you are simply because you are in their world, will learn that they are good enough just as they are. They will love their curly, red hair. They will love the freckles across their nose. They will love themselves whether they are good at sports or not. They will love themselves if they are short or tall; skinny or chubby; light or dark skin; able-bodied or with physical limitations. There will be no lines drawn in the sand dividing children into categories of popular or the bullied. If every young girl loves herself, she can change the world into one where no one is judged and every one is equal.

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and show those little girls it’s okay not to be perfect; it’s okay to be human, to be uniquely beautiful!


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