Make A Real Change!

Searching for happiness? Do you think hating yourself will help you find what you seek? You can not hate yourself and be happy. 

Criticizing yourself every time you look in a mirror or catch your reflection in a window will not make you thinner. 

Belittling, hiding or denying yourself will not make you more worthy. 

Real change can only happen with self-love and self-care. When you accept, embrace and love who you are, you will find the happiness that has alluded you. Do not compare yourself to anyone else. Do not wish to be anyone else. That other person you wish to be has their own set of issues and probably wishes they could be you.

Happiness isn’t an exterior thing. Happiness is within you, if you have the courage to look.

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud but most of all courageous! You will find happiness if you are brave enough to love the skin you are in!


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