Opposites Attract!

By the title of this post one might think I was going to write about my hubby and I. While it is true we are opposites in many ways, that is not what the blog is referring to today.

I’m looking around my home and thinking how opposite the decor is to my personal style; clothing, hair, makeup, accessories. Personally I love to look trendy; up to the minute runway looks, funky hair cut and the latest in makeup applications. I like destructed jeans, high/low hemlines, animal prints, bold colours, skull graphics and contrasts like jeans with a blazer.


Personal style; I like my funky hair, big hoop earrings and animal print jacket!

My home, however, is a complete 360 degrees from the way I present myself. For home decor, I love the cozy look of country-style; primitive bowls and trenchers, jugs and crocks, plaids and muted colours, stitched samplers and braided rugs. I love antiques and the stories they hold inside them. I envision myself as the caretaker of these treasures so they can lovingly be passed on from one generation to the next. It is my hope that my future relations will have some ideas of how we lived and what our surroundings looked like. They will know we held dear the simple things in life; family, friends, our faith and enjoyed all these things in the company of heirlooms passed on from the old to the young.


Home style: I love this sled that belonged to my Father In-Law when he was a boy. The skates and sleigh bells belonged to my Dad in his youth.


This buffet belonged to my husband’s grandmother and I am honoured to give it a home today. I decorated the top with a large barn board picture, a stitched sampler, small light, antique bowl, tin plate, bronzed candle stand, quilt sampler and some pip berry wreaths.

So while I may look chic and modern, I appreciate and love the “Little House On The Prairie” look (a TV show popular in my youth) in the house I call home.


This corner china cupboard isn’t an antique yet but it is a treasured heirloom. My Dad built this for me and I will lovingly pass it on to my daughter some day. I’ve decorated it with a large pip berry wreath and an antique dough bowl filled with primitive type small pillows, a pip berry garland and a battery candle.

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and explore all the styles that make the unique package called “YOU”. 


Think outside the box when it comes to decor. I found this small wooden box in a little antique shop in NS last summer while on a shopping trip with my sister. I immediately thought it would be perfect decorated with battery operated candles and some pip berry stems. It looks lovely at night, sitting on my coffee table, lit up with the soft glow of “candle” light.


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