Birthday Surprises!

Well, I had quite the weekend and I must say turning 50 turned out to be a wonderful birthday! My hubby orchestrated a surprise party and I was truly surprised!

The day started with my daughter and I going out for lunch and from there we went out and got our nails done. Little did I know she was part of the plan; the diversion! I should have known better; not too often does a teenage daughter want to spend the day with her mother. It wasn’t just any day either as her birthday was Saturday (the day of the party) while my birthday was the day after. She pretty much gave up her special day to make my 50th birthday as wonderful as it was!

We arrived home and as I entered the living room people started filing into the room one by one; my Oshawa family, close friends and bringing up the rear of the line was my sister and her husband all the way from NS! Needless to say I was shocked and yes, there were definitely some tears!

The party was full of games and songs (thanks to the talents of my sister in-laws and brother in-law); fabulous food (again thanks to family and friends for all their contributions); beautiful gifts; lots of stories, great conversation and plenty of laughter!

Later I found out that this plan had been in the works for months! I now know that my lovely, sweet daughter can tell a good lie and keep secrets (don’t know if that’s good or bad, lol). I guess that can be said for everyone who attended; well done people!


Birthday selfie!

I was truly touched by all the work and combined efforts that went into such a fantastic evening! I felt like a princess and most certainly felt the love!

I was definitely feeling  Pretty, Plus and Proud to be turning 50 with all the people I hold most dear to my heart!


My best birthday surprise; my beautiful sister and her hubby came all the way from NS!


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