Opinions Please!

Now that Spring seems to have arrived I’m thinking of changing my hair up just a bit. I like playing around with funky new looks but I’ve had the faux hawk/spiky look for so long I’m kind of attached to it. Also, I get compliments all the time wherever I go, a fact that drives my daughter crazy (just jealousy talking, lol). So what I’m thinking is letting it grow out just a bit, let the top lay more flat across my forehead and continue to spike up the back. I tried it a bit today but my hair needs to be a bit longer in the back for it to work properly. I did style my hair like this years ago. Take a look at the two picks and put in a vote/opinion/comment please. Your help will determine what happens at the salon tomorrow!

Look A – letting it go flatter on top and more spiky and longer in the back


Look B – shorter on the sides and back and fuller and spiked on top


Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and embrace change every now and then whether it’s a new hairstyle, new makeup look or wearing a different colour!


4 thoughts on “Opinions Please!

    • rfdumais says:

      Oh boy you’re asking the wrong person, lol! I’m not good at computer stuff at all. It’s been a slow learning experience. I can ask my technical team (aka my friend) who knows anything computer. Sorry.


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