Fashion Frustrations!

As much as I love Torrid and shopping, not everything I try on is a success. I have my fair share of fashion misses, much to my dismay. Most of the time the problem stems from me being too short. Cute T-shirts end up looking like dresses or they stretch across my back side making it appear bigger then what it already is, lol (I still love every bit of me, big or small).

Here’s a small sampling of some misses I tried on during my most recent trip to Torrid:


I like the colour of this one but I thought it was a bit long.


Again too long!


I did like this but the size was too big and it was very open in the back requiring a tank top underneath which I don’t like because I get hot with too many layers


Too long!


I liked this one but it was a bit big and they didn’t have a smaller size.

As a solution to the problem of tops being too long I sometimes get them shortened or get the shoulders taken up. I might go back and take a second look at a few of these. They were all sale items; BOGO free so if I have to pay for a bit of tailoring at least I’m not paying full price for the tops.

Do you have similar problems? What are some of your misses you wished were a hit? What are your solutions to fashion faux pas? 

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud in the midst of fashion frustrations!


2 thoughts on “Fashion Frustrations!

  1. Pam at micrapol says:

    I’m 5’8″ and I find a lot of shirts are shorter than I’d like. Guess there are challenges now matter what our build. My mother always said that too-long shirts make the wearer look like they’re standing in a hole!!!
    Anyway – great post. Good to know I’m not the only one who has their share of “misses” amongst the hits – even at a favourite store like Torrid!


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