Giant Tiger for the Plus Size Woman

*Photos were taken as still shots of the flyer on my i phone*


I was asked awhile ago to do some research into more affordable plus size fashion as most of the stores catering to the curvy girl can be on the expensive side unless you catch some good sales. 


Today I took a look at the Giant Tiger flyer emailed to me and was pleasantly surprised at the deals to be had. Keep in mind that I am writing this post based on what I’ve seen in the advertisements. I have not, as of yet, been to the store to check for quality or availability of the products listed or the size quantities. I’ll leave that to another soon to be released post. I thought this little review will at least give my readers an idea of what’s at the store to choose from as well as the price at which items are offered. 


There’s a good variety of styles from super casual to a little more dressy. Underwear, sleepwear, swimwear and activewear are all available for the plus size woman. Curvy women can expect to find leggings, jeggings, t-shirts, blouses, skirts, workout wear and pyjamas. 


Peruse the pictures I’ve included throughout to give you an idea of what to expect should you decide on a shopping trip.


Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and fashionable on a budget!



2 thoughts on “Giant Tiger for the Plus Size Woman

  1. Pam at micrapol says:

    I have purchased a few t-shirts there. As usual, I find them a bit short but otherwise pretty good quality and style. I put a tank top underneath to add an inch of length coverage and to compensate for the thin material. I doubt they’ll last years and years but they are certainly great options for the Summer.


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