Confidence is knowing and believing you are beautiful without anyone having to tell you, although it is certainly nice to hear. Confidence is being comfortable in your own skin, accepting your body’s flaws and loving it anyway. Confidence is being able to share your many talents, abilities and skills both at home and in a workplace. Confidence is knowing your worth. Confidence is accepting the fact that you are not perfect and knowing that’s okay; you are only human after all.

Confidence is shown in your smile. Confidence exudes from you by the way you hold your head high, shoulders and back held straight. It is shown in your walk, in the sway of your hips. Confidence is shown through the things you say and how you say them. You don’t put others down to make yourself feel better but rather you help others to see the beauty in themselves as well. You share the love. Confidence is shown in how you present yourself; neat, as stylish as you can afford, a good haircut and the occasional lick of makeup to brighten the beautiful features God blessed you with.

Confidence does not come from the number on the scale or the size of your jeans. Confidence is not determined by stretch marks or lack thereof. It is not counted by the rolls and bumps of your curvy body. Confidence is not a commodity of only the slim or rich or muscular or tall. Confidence is attainable to all who reach for it. 

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and Confident! You are beautiful, worthy, talented, smart and strong. Now go forth and show the world you believe all this to be true!


Feeling beautiful, strong, smart, talented but most of all confident!


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