Glamour Special Edition

Okay ladies, I don’t know about you but I’ve been hoping and waiting for someone to do a plus size fashion magazine and Glamour has finally made all my dreams come true. There are online magazines for us curvy girls, call me old-fashioned but I like to hold something in my hand. I like the shiny pages of beautiful fashion layouts. I like the crack of the spine of an unopened treasure. I like to rip favourite pages out or mark them to go back for a second look.


Thanks to Glamour for their special edition magazine, “Chic At Any Size”. I unearthed this little gem in the magazine section of my local Walmart just this morning and I truly felt my heart skip a beat for all the excitement I felt (I don’t get out much, lol).


Peruse these pictures to get an idea of what’s in store for you to read should you be able to get your paws on this little treat.



Lots of great style tips and pictures of models representing the curvy girl population!


Thought provoking articles. 


Celebrity Inspiration

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud while reading a magazine full of beautiful, curvy women just like you!

PS: If you watch my YouTube videos you know I did a little giveaway to celebrate 100+ subscribers to my YouTube channel and 300+ followers on Twitter. The winners were JennyWren7, WendyPretty1 and GlamCurvy22. These women all produce fabulous video/blog content on makeup, fashion and all things fun for the curvy girl. Be sure and check out their YouTube channels/blogs. Thanks to everyone who has chosen to subscribe/follow me! Your support is truly appreciated! xo



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