My sister made this beautiful scrapbook/cookbook of my Mom’s best recipes. My Mom is on the cover sitting next to her Christmas present; a new blender. I think this photo is from 1965, the Christmas prior to my birth in April of 1966.

I am the first to admit that cooking isn’t really my thing nor am I particularly good at it when I give it my best try but try I continue to do. I think perhaps my lack of love for cooking stems from my mother who didn’t profess a love for the fine art of preparing the evening’s dinner. However, she did have several staple recipes that we could count on always loving and only she could produce the cherished and yummy results. My father was a pastry chef and while he always produced a magnificent birthday cake, he stayed away from the kitchen while my siblings and I were growing up. I suspect that when one works in a kitchen all day, when you get home it’s the last place you want to be.




So today I am sharing with you some of my favourite childhood recipes that Mom was famous for (at least in our house). These recipes were beautifully compiled by my sister who presented me with this lovely scrapbook/cookbook for Christmas shortly after my mother passed away. It is a cherished keepsake I will lovingly pass on to my daughter who, by the way, loves to cook!


Super Yummy!

I would love to see some of your favourite recipes. Maybe they’ll become new family favourites in our house! Let me know if you try out any of these and how they turned out!


This one is my absolute favourite!


Mom would add chocolate chips to this recipe!

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud whether you’re a gourmet chef or not, lol!



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