Home of My Heart


Home of my heart (the little abode in which I grew up).

Home is a different place for everyone. Some people call where they were born and raised their home. Others call home the place wherever they are currently residing. Home can be a large mansion, a humble little house, a trailer or apartment. Sadly for some, home is the streets. I’m lucky to call two places home. Home is where I live with my husband and daughter in a house that holds many memories of my little girl growing up, of gatherings, celebrations and milestones with family and friends.


Home is where my hubby and I have raised our daughter and welcomed family and friends (my daughter wishes for her face to remain anonymous).

Home is also where I was born and grew up; I call it my Home of my Heart. I’m very fortunate that I am able to visit that distant home as often as I do but of course it’s never enough. I often say that no matter which home I’m at, I’m always missing the other.


Home is where the people you love always have an open door for you to walk back through (me, my sister and my Dad in Halifax, N.S.).


View of the harbour and bridge from a window on my Dad’s floor of his nursing floor.


Doesn’t look like much in the middle of winter but this is the campground we call home in the summer when visiting NS. The campground (called Shubie) is on a beautiful lake and is close to all the city’s amenities.

As many of you know I spent some time in February visiting my home province of Nova Scotia and my family living there. I thought I would share some photos of my favourite locales. For anyone who’s not had the pleasure of being to this beautiful slice of my country than you are truly missing out on what I call, “Heaven on Earth”. Probably most people feel that way about where they were born and grew up but hopefully the pictures below prove my point. Remembering it’s definitely winter here, don’t let that distract you from the beauty of the Home of My Heart!


View from the top of Citadel Hill (the fort that protected the city many years ago) showing the Town clock and the city below.


A view of downtown with the harbour peeking in the background.


Ocean view from the city’s south end Point Pleasant Park. 


Beautiful St. Mary’s Basilica

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud where ever you call home!


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