Happy Easter/Spring!

I wanted to take a moment and wish everyone a Happy Easter! For those of you who don’t observe this religious holiday I wish you a Happy Spring! Yes, the warmer weather is on the way even though the scene outside my window doesn’t tell that story.


Happy Spring? View outside my window today! Pretty but would rather see flowers, lol!

Whatever you wish to be happy about this weekend, take some time for yourself and relax, unwind, power down and smell the roses (you’ll have to buy them or imagine them). The point is to spend time with yourself; read a good book, listen to some soothing music, take a bubble bath, go for a drive in the country, visit your favourite vintage shop or prepare yourself a gourmet meal.

Spend a little time in the loving embrace of family too. Laugh together, share stories, play games, watch a funny show, take the family pet for a family walk, eat a few Easter chocolates and look for the Easter bunny (lol).

Enjoy this change of seasons and savour the knowledge that another year has come and gone but Spring/Easter is an opportunity for change. The buds are anxiously waiting their debut so make it time for you to debut something new too. Maybe it’s time for a new haircut, new hair colour, a new lipstick, new dress or look. Try out some new recipes, change something in the house, plan a new garden.

I’ll be spending time with family this weekend enjoying a fabulous collaboration that is our Easter dinner! What are your plans for the long weekend?

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and make this season, your season to shine!



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