OOTD #14 and Fashion Tip

Good morning my lovely ladies! Hope everyone is feeling fine and looking foxy!


Lip colour is Fashion Kiss #74576 by Lise Watier and I first lined the lip with Mary Kay’s neutral lipliner. 

Fashion Tip: Be Pretty Plus and Proud and knock them dead in a sexy lip colour! I took this picture in my car yesterday (not while I was driving) and love it! Wish I had thought about taking the seat belt off for this selfie but oh well there’ll be a next time. Not everyone is into makeup and that’s perfectly fine; you don’t need makeup to be beautiful. For me though, makeup is fun. I’ve always loved experimenting with different colours, especially lip colours. Sometimes I’m in the mood for something neutral but yesterday I felt like going bold and I must say I liked the end result. I got so many compliments on this lip look and after posting this picture on Facebook the positive vibes kept rolling in; talk about building up a girl’s self esteem! So, if like me, you don’t mind using some face paint, try something bold or out of your comfort zone a little bit. Even the most mundane outfit can get a boost if your face radiates with the glow of a trip to the local makeup counter!


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