Date Night Review

This past Saturday my husband and I enjoyed a lovely evening out. We had a great dinner with our chauffeur (aka great family friend Mike).


My hubby and I out for Saturday night dinner!


Family friend and chauffeur (the tall one) and my hubby!

Then we got dropped off for our entertainment portion of the evening; Johnny Reid concert!


Johnny’s newest album!

If you’ve never heard of this Scottish Canadian you’re missing out on some serious musical talent; not to mention he’s pretty darn sexy (the accent is to die for)! He’s a real showman with a lot of flare and his raspy singing voice is smooth and so easy to listen to; you just want to jump out of your seat and move to the music. He’s also a humorous story teller with lots of jokes and glimpses into his childhood and rise to stardom. It was a fabulous show and I managed to get some great pictures as he left the stage and made his way throughout the crowd. He’s a down to earth kind of guy who wants to be close to his fans.


Johnny on stage in black!


Johnny in white as he passes by our seats!


Another closeup!


Love this guy!

I was sad when our evening came to an end! Time to start planning the next date night though this one will be a hard one to top!


In our seats waiting for the show to start!

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and don’t be shy to move to the music! 



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