Beauty Bloggers Lovers Tag

Good morning one and all! I’ve been tagged by Jennifer’s Little Beauty Place (definitely a blogger everyone should look up) to answer some questions and participate in the Beauty Bloggers Lovers Tag so here it goes:


  1. Replace my answers with yours.
  2. Tag other beauty bloggers


1.  Which beauty blogger would you love to do your makeup?

I love all the beauty bloggers I follow as they all have different styles and unique application techniques. I guess if I have to pick one I would pick Jennifer who tagged me to do this challenge. I like her simple looks, not too over the top. They’re natural and beautiful.

2.  Which beauty blogger would you want to be your best friend?

Like Jennifer I have a best friend and wouldn’t want to replace her. I’ve enjoyed getting to know all the beauty bloggers I follow and would someday love to meet each and every one of them to share a dessert and talk about all things beauty!

3.  Which beauty blogger would you have a secret affair with?

I don’t follow any male beauty bloggers at this time so I’m afraid I don’t have an answer for this one plus I would never cheat on my hubby. If you know of some male beauty bloggers I should take a peek at I welcome any suggestions!

4.  Which beauty blogger would you like to go on a shopping spree with?

I’ve been watching someone on YouTube that I would love to shop with if I won the lottery as her tastes run a little expensive for my budget but she has impeccable style; Max from BiPolar Max. She’s a beautiful plus size woman who really knows how to put an outfit together and her makeup is stunning! Take a look at her channel or follow her on Instagram.

5. Which beauty blogger could convince you not to buy something you’ve always wanted?

No one, lol! If I want something bad enough there isn’t anyone on earth that could stop me!

6.  Which beauty bloggers stash would you like to transplant into your room?

I would love to get a hold of Alex’s stuff  from the YouTube channel Learning To Be Fearless. Again another plus size woman with great taste in clothes and makeup.

7.  What are the top three items a beauty blogger has talked you into buying?

A beauty blender (great little sponge for blending and contouring), Younique 3D mascara (great volume and gives you the look of false eyelashes without the glue) Sorry I could only come up with two items!

8.  What are the top three things a beauty blogger has talked you out of buying?

Like Jennifer I like to try things out for myself so I haven’t really been talked out of anything.

I nominate the following awesome blogs everyone should be following if you’re not already:

Bee Beauty

Miss Sophia Blog

My Somewhat Beauty Blog

A Maple Girl

And anyone else who wants to play along…

Good luck and have fun should you choose to participate!

Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and always strive to be the best version of yourself!



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