OOTD #1 and Fashion Tips For The Plus Size Woman

I’m starting a series of blog posts aimed at fashion and what I think is right for plus size women; EVERYTHING! With every OOTD I’ll leave a little fashion tip for you ladies who love fashion and clothes as much as I do. These tips are just my opinion as I’m no expert but maybe it’ll help you gain a little confidence and be adventurous on your next little shopping spree! Have fun with fashion!

Here’s an Outfit of the day; I love clothes!


Super soft and cute skeleton sweater  from Torrid, jeans from Penningtons

What are you wearing today? What’s your style? Casual, Preppy, Trendy, Comfortable? Share some pictures with me. I’m always willing to try out something new!

Fashion Tip: Be Pretty, Plus and Proud and comfortable in your own style! Style has no age or weight restrictions. If you like it then wear it, plain and simple!


6 thoughts on “OOTD #1 and Fashion Tips For The Plus Size Woman

  1. Codie says:

    Over the years I’ve found what looks best on my body (although my weight has been fluctuating lately) and it’s been layers but I don’t wear it always. Today I was wearing my new Sherlock Holmes sweater and some jeans – nothing fancy. I think idea is great and that sweater is awesome (I love skulls…that sounds weird lol)!


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